Tuesday, September 8, 2009

B is for Question

i have a question. answer if you will. or not. such is the nature of the question.
whatever that means.


whataboutyours? howdoyoudealwithyours?



  1. I don't embellish or package my bullshit. I try not to. I leave it, when it comes, in big steaming piles for easy of use as manure for my growing and honesty loving mind. Learn from your bullshit. It's the only way to live.

    I paint my screams -- they're usually viridian.

  2. i write it out... why keep it bottled up when i can release it on to a page where i wont forget but leave it where its at...I write because it keeps me scene...

    much luv xxx

  3. hmmm. i can do no justice by confining my answers to two sentences too. but i will.

    My screams - i put a jockey shorts on my head and go around the borough/UWI being superhero-like; if my costume isn't near (i always hav my head-wear tho), i eat ice cream...cools the brain.

    My bullshyza - i purge my brain; (AYE! wat a coincidence! purge the shit, ha! no pun was intended) that's really wat i do...purge my brain; not sure i can/want to explain now.