Wednesday, September 23, 2009

B is for Texts (Audio Commentary)


tracy j h


  1. ok lol a good laugh as always...but i really...REALLY didnt need to see you swallw that piece of...paper was it?lmao omg...hey...invest in a BB i have probably over 500texts n my hone...never deleteda single one yet...loads of memory for loads of self texts...yay BB! <3 btw...hw was the poetry reading? kedar invited me and i really wanted to come but unfortunately...i didnt make it... :'( ... btw...why am i tellin you all of this here???hmmm...

  2. girl.... i've got a friend who's been telling me to upgrade the phone given how i tend to use it. of course, i'm always worried about... breakage.

    just last week, i hid the phone under a sheet, then i FLUFFED the sheet, thus sending the Nokia FLYING across the room. crashed/mashed... into pieces and guess what fixed AND BACK TO NORMAL. would a Berry be so kind? :-)

  3. LOL true...true everytime my berry slips and flies out my hand my heart jumps into my throat and i proceed to get a heart attack hahaha but what can i say???i luv the bery! :)i remember havin a me2 though but sum punks stole it! funny thing is i had my berry in my pocket along with my cam...and my mp3...but for some cosmic reason they only got to the me2...gosh i miss that phne :S

  4. rofl @ stealing a B, i mean B is for stealing, no i mean stealing a BB...well not stealing a BB, but instead a ME=MC² no no a ME2!!!

    my word!

    anyhoozie, i do declare matey, if ur to upgrade...go with an N83, u can update ur blogspot from rite there...once u hook up the net to it, heh heh. plus u gots loads of storage as well...text[draft], notepad, MWord[Qword] and such and so forth.

    anyway, dam homie i wish i had video editin stuff like u...the human technology evades my grasp....:-( anyway, with Google at my ownership will soon be ours....then mine!!!!! muwa muwa muwawawawawaaaaa

  5. buh wda is dis KEDAR! lol hahahah hw u goin hunny?long time no see...i was gonna harass u in admin the other day O_o hehehe...