Friday, September 4, 2009

B is for Texts

or textes as Sade says....

i want to see how long i can go without sending a text or calling anyone outside of my mother (Buddha - yes i call her Buddha - cause she is wise) who always sends me messages. the point of this exercise is simple. most times than not i'm the one initiating the conversation between friends. what would happen if i saved my texts (and my money) and called/texted (texted? really?) no one?

i don't know what exactly is the point of the exercise. or rather, i don't fully know the point of it.
maybe it's cleansing (jeez i sound like "those" artistes). maybe i'll write an article about it or a story
i don't know... but here i am... determined to NOT send any texts. make any calls. do nothing of the sort. and i've already started.

my test subject was my... i would say ex but we never really had a title. i stopped calling, and i'm limiting the texts. of course i wasn't taking her calls either but that's a combination of silliness, self preservation and sensibility.

so here we go.
today officially starts the end of useless texts and phone calls. most who want me know to call me anyways. and i have this blog.

pax. tracy j h.


  1. on a more serious note...i've stpped texing and calling ppl since...well...since Ada was a little boy... O_o lol but the point of this "exrcise" as you may call it, is simply to see who misses you...who misses (and even realizes) that the texts and calls and initiated conversations have stoped...and who will be even more noble to seek you here i am...seeking you out...:)

  2. since Adam was a little boy* (keys ar sticing horribly lol)