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B is for Ayodhya

This is Ayodhya.
He is very bright.
Bright, Ayo Bright.

He likes to draw.
Draw Ayodhya, Draw.
Ayodhya drew so brightly
That the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) called him up
Rhode Ayodhya, Rhode.

Ayodhya did this wicked cool DC portfolio art project
That was clever and [I think] so easy to connect

See the portfolio here.

Personal favorites – Lex Luthor, Superman (that one was heights because the guy featured for it actually IS supes type) and Solomon Grundy (oh wow! oh wow! oh wow!) and yesssssss… reverse flash was clever 2.

"Developing the idea of creating work via the destruction, or rather, exaptation of other materials, we were assigned the task of producing 50+ versions of any logo. I chose DC Comics (of course). 5 Heroes were selected, along with 9 villains each, to produce 50 character themed pieces. 2 other works were added, the stencil and the original print-out, to produce 52, the number of parallel universes in the DC Comics Multiverse. I love DC comics with all my soul. Enjoy." - Ayodhya Ouditt


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