Tuesday, October 13, 2009

B is for Honestly Purple

part of the honest week ceremonies i give you - "the importance of being honest"

morning has broken

up with me.
i no longer see the sun
now i plot grand larceny in order to have The One.

Grand Larceny...
over and over i said to me...
"if you want she, know grand larceny.
This was not up for discussion.
No vain hypotheses or theories
I was going to steadily
pull the YOU from him to transform the WE to US.
You must,
you must understand, that my plan went further than the limits of momentary lust
you simply must!

From the confines of my tower
this sorcerer
sourced many to make the magic
but whether by false sight or lack of might
all attempts to conjure perfection
never quite led to mental penetration.

So I turned to Biology
Study me
Herald of Divinity
using earth science to steal a goddess.
because it was you I saw
it was you i prayed for.
and when Heaven sent no key for your door
i turned to reason for a reason.

Darwin says:
the weak of the species dine in obscurity
and that
fair Devi would not be me...

you see you were my natural selection.
you were the next stage of my evolution
of what i was to become
I saw my redemption in you
classic, I know but, to you I had to be true
so surely you see, larceny was the only choice for me.

But if a hint of the Divinity
still lay claim to any, any one part of me
suffer the fool who whilst inebriated thirsted for stolen waters.
i had to be honest.
maybe you didn't belong to me.
and honestly if this is the king you chose
nothing i propose will ever hold your peace.
i'll hold mine.

the conjurer returns to his tower
stealing the occasional glance and not a heart.
Meditating on Divinity
instead of logic's answer to a heartfelt plea
Grand Larceny.

Tracy j h

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