Monday, October 5, 2009

B is for Money (for Advertising)

i get written dollars all the time. messages like "call pinky for a bess flex" (the equivalent of a "good time") i've seen people profess their love for each other on the bills and of course - lottery numbers. so i decided - why not use it for something worthwhile! i will use my money to advertise my blog. and so, with a silly black ink gel pen, i began writing "b is for stealing" along with the website. higher denominations got messages such as, "NEED CHANGE?" while those like this single dollar may have gotten simpler statements - "KEEP THIS DOLLAR! STEALAHB INSTEAD - [website address]" - some just had the website address. these dollars were then circulated in my taxi runs and food stops and such. yay! of course i found out this is all illegal. no writing on money [legal tender] allowed. apparently - the "pinkies" of the country either didn't get that memo or just didn''t care. still... i got my money for advertising. pax tracy j h


  1. isn't that illegal? ...i cud be wrong

  2. it is.
    that's where it gets hilarious. i just had this wondrous idea - BIG YAY!... oh wait... it's wrong to do. bright ideas are not always legal ideas - must find balance i guess