Wednesday, October 7, 2009

B is for Perception

it's wednesday! and... that's a good thing... yip... it uh... is :-)
enjoy this week's audio commentary (with video side dish)
pax. tracy j h


  1. that shit is crazy, :P

  2. Supercat have power over the devil, yah know!


  3. Tracy, you're the proud recipient of the Lemonade stand blog award :] check me and get it...

  4. hahaha!lmao you had some funny perceptions dred!lol death to the schemey character!haha!and...ofcourse its about sex...hehehe and daily corbeaux BRILLIANT lmaooooo

    awwww this was deep :) i likie :) as usual

  5. lmao!

    we really hear what we want to hear. remember this song by Toto? something like 'It never rains down in Africa'? had a friend who insisted it was 'there's a brain down in Africa'.

    brilliant & hilarious :D

  6. funny thing. here's a theist mind thing here- just a few hours ago i wuz telling a yung lady.....sumthin....wat wuz i telling her again?.......well it had sumtin 2 do wit perception{used another word actually} and here i bounce up a previous post that i didnt kno existed, so now i can totally forward it 2 her....except that i don't remember wat i wuz tellin her....

    aye look at dat...messenger kept logs, ha! brilliant, so i wuz telling her about humans being close-minded, and my ppl having open minds (as just 1 of our many abilities). So now i can forward this 2 highlight the dangers of a human(closed) mind.