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i was going to talk about morality today. as in "whose morality do you subscribe to?"
it was going to be deep if i say so myself.
however, instead i will speak about requisitioning wombs.

yes that's right... wombs.

i was having a conversation with a girl who [i admit] i still go gaga over [cue the "paparazzi" audio clip]. we were talking about how stupid humanity had become and whether there was a point to saving them. "saving" in the sense of helping-them-expand-their-mental-space-just-a-smidgen-more kind of saving.

she believed this exercise was futile and proclaimed that instead of trying to save this "dead-out" (my term not hers) generation, she was going to have kids. a means of passing on valuable information about culture and forward thinking and such.

i laughed of course but she had a real point. i too have felt that this current landscape is all... dead-out, but never really saw procreation as a means of rebooting the system if you will.

i hung up. went about my business. but a smile crossed my face. and i ventured out of my brain and into a new thought that went something like this: "i should requisition her womb for a couple years." not, "hey we should hook up and see where this goes" - no, i don't believe in that. casual nothingness does nothing for a Theist like me. but requisitioning sounds more up my incline. now i know how that sounds but... a blah! it's the week of honesty people! i'm being honest.

i should call her. i should. i should set up the terms and all the legal.... shtuff (yes - "shtuff"). think of it, with her looks and general understanding of things and my madcap/muppet-constantly-searching-for-new-theories-and-meanings... i think the world would be a better place. and did i mention that her nickname is Nike - goddess of victory. C'mon people!

so there. womb requisitioning.
there's a thought.



  1. Now when you said requisition all the way up there a P.O. came to mind lol. But all in all a very interesting proposition. Ask :-) and ye shall receive.

  2. iLaugh.

    but seriously, a P.O. may not be bad either. make it all legal and such [nah that's just too much drama down the road :0)

  3. my speechless... O_o

  4. Pure awesomeness.

    I have a requisitioned womb also. It could work out.

  5. hmmm.... my gawsh, i hadn't thought of seems that i am not alone! i do/did/do/still in between think dat deez humans & beings-like-me-but-too-corrupt-by-humans are too "dead out" 2 be saved from their [box of a mind]. Tho i did marvel at the opportunity to hav UNhuman children that i cud teach OUR ways to...i hadn't thought of the extent of it.....if all us UNhuman folk (tho few)were to spawn and create a super-race, A SUPER-RACE.... *fade into imagination here*.

    Just in case that doesn't work...i'll continue my plans to own the Earth and bend the humans to adopt my philosophies.


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