Friday, November 6, 2009

B is for Critical MADness

some time ago i had the pleasure of working on a little project

word of it appeared on a site called MAD
(Museum of Arts and Design)

kudos to the behind the scenes people like Darryn Boodan (who directed), Rodell Warner (photographer), Richard Rawlins (founder of artzpub films) among other such groovy people.

and now "Critical Spaces"....

Critical Space is a short video featuring a conversation between Alice Yard co-instigator Christopher Cozier and Draconian Switch publisher Richard Rawlins. It explores ideas about how to define the Caribbean and its creative possibilities, and examines the collaborative networks, off- and online, that are evolving around Alice Yard and its partners.

Critical Space is an artzpub films production. Director: Darryn Boodan. Editor: Tracy J. Hutchings. Photography: Rodell Warner, Richard Rawlins, and Damian Libert. Equipment provided by: Dave Williams, firsttfloor studios.

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