Monday, November 2, 2009

B is for One Week

"it's been, one week since i looked at you"

the thing about being sick is that it puts things in terrible perspective.

i've been away for a week with a viral chest infection and since i have a history with Ashtma... well you can just imagine how glorious i felt. up to last night i stayed pretty much half the night awake coughing and changing clothes. and i'm fighting a gagging puke with dear life.

of course, lying in your bed for a week has its advantages.
i finally started to read my Kahlil MasterPieces book. I'm at "Jesus, Son of Man".... i love Kahlil.
i forgot how much i loved reading because.... i haven't actually done it in a while.

i started to put bones together on the skeleton which will be the structure of my documentary.

i wrote a new piece of randomness called "Broken Cathederal" and i started something. basic gist is - "on the morning after i died, i had such a headache"

oh! and i managed to hear my new jingle LIVE from the studio. so yay!

and good grief! i need glasses. light has made me vampric. truth be told, i always had a thing with light [working with computers probably] but this week of drugs just... heightened the whole thing.
so thus was the week gone. i am back. and we will chat.


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