Wednesday, November 25, 2009

B is for Uncle God

God meets us at the point of our need.
He greets us at the point of our understanding and guides us to His.

so enter Uncle God.
Uncle God love you.
He real like a father you know.
But maybe... for right now... better.

Because some of us have had fathers that sucked so much ass eh that the concept of GOD = Father is almost hard for us to bite into. But my uncles have been muy bueno in all their ways. So here's the thought...

Uncle God - who art in Heaven, guide us on Earth. Advise us and Guide Us. Lead Us with your Arm around our shoulder. Hear our ramblings. Scold if you must. Just don't leave us in the cold. Uncle God, better than our fathers, Live Forever in our Hearts and our Souls. For Thine is your Kingdom and we are your children disguised as nephews and nieces. Bless you Uncle God

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