Monday, December 21, 2009

B is for Change

so i cut my hair.
i cut my hair and shaved my beard.
i cut my hair and shaved my beard and i look and feel better.
then sunday night, i walked past the mirror and thought, "i miss my hair."

it's amazing!
how often have we had situations that we wanted to get out of or from under and when we do - some of us - a twinge of nostalgia hits us, we yearn for yesterday, with all its madness and frustrations if only... because it is so comfortable or rather, WE have BECOME so comfortable with it. but change is not the enemy. change is not the enemy.

change makes you look better :-)



  1. I'm actually not a rabid fan of change. I usually have to talk myself into being fine with change. My suspicious nature likes security.

    I did change jobs and a few very crucial personal dynamics recently...and I do miss my old job and my old forgiving mellowness but I keep remembering what was wrong with those things to begin with.

  2. the thing is, at least you are making that effort to embrace the change. this is good and progressive [cue "Rose" from the Progressive Store here].

    too many people would've run back to the muck if only because therein lies comfort.

    how they say? better the devil you know? and with that, the hidden beauty of the change is lost. nyeh!