Friday, December 11, 2009

B is for Two Daze

while watching a friend in pain. i know this pain. i've seen it in my house. in my space. and even in my body - perhaps a different name but the same spirit type:
"today i realised that i suck as a man and i am useless as a 'god'."

while trying to figure out what... do... i really want:
"dear Lord help me to stop lying. like the time i said 'i want them to be happy' but you know i could care less about anybody's happiness right now except the chosen few. ok... maybe just myself. help... again."

while walking home twirling the people umbrella like a sword:
"on the night before the seer grasped his madness, while he was yet a knight, he removed his helmet and shield and said to his lord, 'here master, take your sword and your sanity.' the master... obliged."

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  1. i LOVE thursday LOL been there dine that for friday and boy oh boy i'm still trying to wrap my head around the bonus