Wednesday, January 13, 2010

B is for Studioratmaarts

interestingly, just yesterday i was watching an ad called "STAG Soundsplash"
the music was created by some nice people at a place called "Random Design Studios".
the ad was shot there as well.

it's funny, i remember feeling alive during that day.
it was a good day.
that was a good ad.
Random made [makes] great music
of course, there was a hot indian girl there, whose scent was completely spell-minding.
she does good work too.

Random Designs is headed [or is it "is head" - jeez English!] by the young man, humans call
Maarten Manmohan. He's a vey talented music producer-slash-audio engineer and now... he's a blogger.

Follow the yellow brick link HERE.
you will find the start of something new from a young man who is quite bright and who will have quite bright things to say.

how do i know this? i'mmm an indian [sesame street humor. classic]
the video may look lil choppy but the audio is still... shall we say... BESS!


  1. Thanks for the big up Tracy! Hahahah. We need to do some more work together, don't gotta be Corporate but man I love to vibes off the stuff that comes from your head lol.

    I've been following this blog informally for a while and its been one of my main inspirations for starting my own.

    Peace and Love my brother

  2. I cannot remember the last time I looked at that.. wow... my hair was real short