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B is for The Etch-A-Sketch

I’ve always thought of the Universe as a big, big mouth. And when you make a statement, it opens wide to receive it. It (the universe) rolls it in its mouth and then spews it back out in a more interesting form.

Say for example, me.
I said once, I want to try/experience everything at least once. And through a series of [un] fortunate events, I have experienced some real heights.

I said… I want to do everything. this brought on a wonderful debate with a friend of mine who explained to me in all honesty that iCan’t do everything. Enter John Locke’s voice screaming to the world – “don’t tell me what I can and cannot do!”

But he was right though. My dear friend, not John Locke. Maybe. I can’t do everything.
Except I probably could. Of course when given the opportunity to try my hands and attempting the everything, I feel my tongue lean back into my oesaphagus, and slowly gallop tactlessly down my arse. Yes… I am aware of how that sounds.

I’ve performed poetry at various locations.
I’ve published and am working on a publication (publications actually).
I’ve written songs for artistes.
I’m wanting to get on the radio as a personality.
I do my own voices.

And this morning a new opportunity graced my faceboys that would seal up a highschool wishlist of mine. The universe’s mouth took my thoughts and spewed it out in a series of opportunities. And now here I sit, yet again, in fear or other.

The moral of the story is this:
When u send a thought into the etch-a-sketch, do NOT fear the reply. DO NOT fear the etch-a-sketch.
Leap into it.



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