Friday, February 12, 2010

B is for godish day

Overwhelmed by the
world she created,
godish woman pushes
back from her desk
to play with
a thought in her mind.

I watched her think.
to me,
clearly the answer was crystal
but for the sake of her stake in the matters,
a lucid tongue was needed.

I want to touch her.
no. really.
take the knowledge
curled in my finger and wrap it…
round hers...
i want to settle the mid atlantic
and restore rain
to her hot and bothered mind.
i want to brush back
the cares from her face
and make her see… clearly…
that an overworked goddess
is a goddess none the less
and this priest is ready to serve her.

happy godish day
© 12:02:10


  1. oh gad oi! my "MIND" is "WET" with this one. ah love it ah love it ah love it!