Tuesday, February 9, 2010

B is for Kino

one time the office folks had a discussion that basically brought to the surface the theory that the internet is God. because like the latter, the former is:
1. everywhere
2. filled with answers
3. is able to guide you accordingly (is this what you meant to type?)
4. and is of course relatively invisible.
some may even say you have to have a measure of faith in the capacities of the internet and what it can do for you. hence, therefore and in conclusion (as a human i know would say), the internet is like God.

if one was to follow that construct, one can then say that FACEBOOK is the key to eternal life or in the very least... immortality. KINO [inadvertently] brought that to the surface.

it's funny. with all the postulating and posturing about immortality it was KINO who reached there first. Or perhaps - the first to bring the reality home. KINO apparently is gone but his facebook profile lives. Thus he lives. So i will not say rest in peace. i will not miss him so. i will tag him... in my videos and pictures and blogposts. at least until he unfriends me.

thanks for the humor KINO.


1 comment:

  1. Tho I understand waht you are saying. His profile is jsut not the same. at least for me. No Kino to talk with. No Kino would be coming home. No Kino to sing with me. no Kino to do photo shoots with. and it goes on. At least thnk God for Pictures,.,