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B is for Scale

So I saw Jay-Z’s video for “On to the Next”…

I should have known something was up. after all, I really liked that song so OBVIOUSLY something HAD TO BE WRONG! It’s like, that scene in Charlie’s Angels (full throttle) where Dillon (Barrymore) and Alex (Lui) are checking out this assassin dude and Alex asked Dillon what she thought about him and Dillon says “yummy!” and Alex knew that HE WAS INDEED the bad guy because Dillon always fell for the bad guy. Yeah... that’s me. The weirder the better, just as long as it doesn’t weird me out much. It’s kinda like how I always know I’m in love… or lust… she’s always involved with someone else – chuckle!

Sigh. I saw Jay-Z’s video for “On to the Next”

So I'm a service going, Bible believing Theist. So… I believe (that there is) God. I also believe in Jesus the Christ and the power of The Holy Spirit.

I also believe there are angels, demons, spirits, ghosts, freemasons, occultic symbols, archangels, lodges, pagan rites, pagan symbology, true doctrine, false doctrine, the rapture, judgment day, eternity, (the rise of) the antichrist…

Light, dark, demons parading as angels, divine coincidences, divining coincidence horoscopes, mediums and people with bad hair days. I believe they all exist. But I stop at the tooth fairy. Da’iz just ass!

Here’s the thing though – I refuse to go looking to see if there is/was a demon behind every door. It’s just too tiring.

I got a friend. Super brilliant guy. Thinks all of this is a waste of time. To him, they do not exist. This is a marketing campaign funded by fear. He has chosen to live his life free of these.
You know what? He may be on to something. Or else he may be wrong. but consider how our (theists) approach to life is equally flippant. What if – in our theist attempt to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer – we have lost sight of the little things? A star may just be a star. The color black may be just that. What if in the quest to rid the world of evil, we theists haven’t stopped to see the evil in our own lives.

I don’t know. I’m willing to admit that in my quest for knowledge and balance I have become flippant. Of course, my logic stems from the need to show people there are two sides and the side you may be seeing is not necessarily the full story so… investi-quire. For example, there is a general belief that one of my coworker friends is a twat. But I know differently. I have searched some, listened some and can say – though they act twatish – there is a REASON for their apparent behaviour. Just look a little closer, break down into theories and plausible explanations before labeling. OR of course, they really are a twat and I’m just wasting my time – it happens. But I digress. THE POINT IS… There must be a balance. There must always be a balance. The scale must always be level.

You know what’s funny. both sides may be right. The guy who says “you’re spending too much time trying to look for things” may be on to something. The guy who says, “the danger is hidden in plain sight.” May be on to something. Find the scale.

missed "Theist Week"? see a recap here?


  1. i always say, "in all aspects of (our) lives, you must find the balances." there's too much and there's too little. the balance may not always be at mid-point, cuz sometimes the weight of one extreme may b more than that of the opposing side; so it'll take some playing with...but the balance can b found.


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