Monday, April 19, 2010

B is for Chuckle

things these days have been pretty tight. correction, tightly wound.
things these days have been pretty tightly wound.

i have been angry with a lot of people and myself.
and maybe for just cause.
or maybe not for just cause.

but standing in the bathroom just a moment ago, i looked at my freshly clean shaven face (hotness!) and wondered, "[why and] how long will you be angry? what are you angry about!"

i splashed some water on my face. and chuckled.
i may be angry at myself - but i'm alive.
i may be angry at my Hero - but he still exists
i may be angry at the girl - but TWO always tango
i may be angry at a lot of things - but there's battlestar galactica music! oh wow is there BSG MUSIC!

this is not to be clich├ęd but the facts are that as crappy as life feels there are more reasons for me to push forward than give up the ghost. and while i don't know what frame i will awaken tomorrow i do know that
1God Almighty is Love
2 BSG is good
3 my mother is amazing (chuckle now at the order of appearance)
4 Ayo is alive and studying. one of the few humans (or maybe he's a final five) who i could say AYE! KARA THRECE AND HER SPECIAL DESTINY! and he would say "of course"

so here's to you LIFE (even as i listen to Passacaglia - a track from BSG S1) - i love you and i thank God that you Breathe in me.

smile people. it's not soo bad after all. it's a little worse :-) but hey... you're beautiful. both God and i think so so there.

end of line

tracy j h

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