Tuesday, April 20, 2010

B is for Rain Falls (written)

last week i wrote/recorded this rain piece [see it here]. below are the actual words....

the air is still. anticipation heightens the excitement as we stand waiting for her to touch us.

we're all virgins again. ALL OF US! nervous lovers wondering, praying to whosoever will, hoping that we've earned this privilege to touch her, again, for the first time. and the scent of her doesn't help with the calming you know. we want to keep it, so nostrils fight to keep away whatever else society calls "smells"

cause we...
have to have this. this scent, this fragrance that causes us to put one tongue before two feet because SHE would want it that way.

one touch. stop. one touch. stop. her actions are meant to inspire patience but the dry earth knows no such virtue. and we its children have adopted this mentality.

so touch. draw up all your breath and just touch. get wet NOW! get wet NOW!
stick your tongue out! stick your hand out! take her as she has taken you. all your yearning is not gone to waste.

all your yearning is not gone to waste!

throw your books aside and pen this!
this is your lover!
this IS YOUR lover!
wet! wet! don't just...
don't just think,
just stay... wet!

the scent of her is returned to your consciousness.
touch her again
touch her again
touch her again... for the first time.
rain falling
Good God... rain falling!

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