Friday, May 14, 2010

B is for Mother's May Pt Two

Part One of the Commentary HERE...

and this here is my mum. yay

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  1. Traaacceeeeeyy!! This is beautiful. I love the beginning with Xena..oh God that warrior princess is some kick ass warrior. Ayodhya and I watched her religiously on sunday pm I think and when back to back with Hercules and that gorgeous guy in the forest who spoke to the animals, frgot! So it started with me reminiscing, but seriously, all mothers can identify with this piece because it is the job of the mother to do whatEVER it takes to protect her child. Even though she knew the handkerchief may have done nothing,she instinctively had to. Intrinsically, every mother,despite her religious beliefs or socio-economic status, wants the best for her child, and so to does every child for a mother.Have you ever seen the mothers on the inside and outside of prison...with their young ones or visiting their older ones?
    Heartwrenching. Unfortunately and sadly though, due to the inhumanity of the very same mankind, womankind and allkinds of kind, this oneness, this everlasting bond is being rapidly severed and in some cases, never attained. We all must do our part to make this world a better place, so that mothers can have a dress and shoes,
    and children,books and food and toys, and smiles, and safety I think
    instead of salvation.