Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Power of Words

Words cross great distances
Over the seas
They seize
They lay hold of those whom it will
And binds them to a knowledge
That something… has happened.

And the owner of the words need not see it.
He needs not see it to know
That you know that his words will not return to him
You know?

Quicker than sight
Words speed past the blink
Past the flashing eye lash
And gives peace
And adds pace
Or else stops pace makers
In their tracks
Men who else wise were lions and trend setters
Now destitute
Without a home
And poor
Because of a word
Because of words
Because it never travels alone.
It never travels alone

The power of words [inspired by John 4:46-54… and other such events]
© Tracy J Hutchings – 29:005:10

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