Thursday, July 8, 2010

B is for Narrative (bullery defined)

the sign on the bottle said chewable. i thought about it and i realised i never chewed... a bull! i've had cow. but i've never had bull. i don't think i would be able to anyhow. i thought - "i've got to share this with my friend..." the vegetarian.

"i never heard so much bull in my life." he said.

"but think about it," i countered, "what do you suppose bull tastes like? you think it has the same texture as heifer or maybe it's got more... you know."

"no, i don't. i'm a vegetarian." he turned to walk away. "you need a good bull, you know that?!
find some girl nah."

i looked at the bottle again. i thought of the cows i knew.
"what 'bout that darkie you was checking?" he asked by the door.

i looked up from the bottle that started this bullery - "what, that bovine? please."

he sucked his teeth, flailed his hands and muttered... "such a buller eh. jeez."

i looked closer to the ingredients - "ground from bull innards"
i not able nah - chewable bull.