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B is for Cockroaches and Theists

both can survive a nuclear fallout. ha! ahem... sorry. do go on.


This was originally written on my cell phone a some weeks ago as I was heading off to church service.

The Story:
I was going to church on Sunday. Of course I had to get a taxi first. Paid for the entire backseat so that Buddha and I could be on our way. As I opened the car, I saw some line of creepy crawly run under the front seat – I think it was a cockroach. I HATE cockroaches. I hate small creatures that could bring disease –cockroaches… more so. And I remember saying to the driver and the passengers heading into the front seat that, some thing had ran into the front, but I don’t think anyone really heard me. Plus, everybody’s mind was on one thing really…. MOVING.

God, I spent so much time looking at the ground to see if it would return. It didn’t. But I still kept at it. The passengers in the front hadn’t a clue what was there (the guy was busy chatting up the girl) and thus, I had to be vigilant. Me and my umbrella. Making sure it stayed in its hole.

The Reality:
You see them all the time. Theists. God fearing, church going humans who feel the need to tell you – sometimes to the point of exasperation (both yours and theirs)– about present dangers and future perils… in almost everything. The devil’s in the music; the world’s about to go kaplunk; heaven, hell, rapture and other such things. Like you really needed a guilt-laden diatribe on the benefits of an ancient sense of morality, right? Arrogance? It’s not necessarily that we’re arrogant but we sense a danger that no one else seems to notice. We have to be vigilant for your sake.
I know how that sounds. But consider why or how many times your theist family/friends found it necessary to tell you about God even though you more than likely politely declined with either a smile or sheer logic. There is a reason.

Think of theists as your defense against the dark arts. You may not believe they exist but as far as the universe goes, it does. So here we are. Watching. Waiting. Making sure the creepy crawlies of the world don’t come out of their holes. It’s not arrogance it’s an actual sense of duty. Now you know why your theist friends act like… Theists.

Why did I write this? I think it’s time we understood each other. Truly. I think it’s time to explore the WHY in what people do or how they act. A guy or girl believes in God in a time where [as a friend of mine puts it] it’s fashionable to not believe in anyone or anything – far less Divine. I want people to understand WHY their theist friends and family act the way they do. And I want theists to understand WHY their non-theist friends believe and act the way they do. It’s not just a bunch of God-less sodomites running round town nor is it a bunch of fanatics and zealots trying to shove a doctrine down your throat. Mostly J.
One of my dearest friends is a non-theist vegetarian. I’m a Christian Carnivore [consider that for a moment]. Yet we actually are great nuggle eating friends. I think in part because there’s always the need to understand the WHY about each other’s belief systems. Maybe it is time for the rest of the world to follow suit. In any event – there you have it. A small explanation involving cockroaches… and Theists.

Tracy j H

P.S: “nuggle” is a chocolate bar. A glorious one with creamy nougat and peanuts and chocolate. Yum.


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