Friday, September 24, 2010

B is for Dols

i performed this to some fellow monotheists and i asked them, how many personal gods do you have? no that might seem silly to someone (s) who claim to believe in a One God but every day each of us carry around these things: worry, worry of money, rage, rage, philosophy, fear, randomness. and these things we pay obeisance and hold high. they are our gods the dols we carry. this piece is called "The Burden of Dols". pax. 

Human hands grow weary of carrying gods
And even among my people… we just tired.
I was told, “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God”
But somehow the singular became plural.
And heavy.
When did G-O-D spell out philosophy?
Questions without comfort
For an answer is like a thousand questions
And a thousand questions…

And the Hope of Hopes says, “Here’s a novel truth, let ME carry YOU.”
Oh, but we’ve been carrying these Dols for so long
That when the Hope of Hopes speaks, we think it’s a hoax!
So while we question this new reality,
We carry
Philosophy on our backs.

Human hands grow weary of carrying gods
And even among my people… we just tired.
“The children come to the point of birth and there is no strength to deliver them.”
I heard a king say…

I want to shout: Abandon all hope
All who carry Dols
Because these personal gods are weighty.
And in the back of your mind, you know…
You know
You know there’s no one there to save thee.

And the Hope of Hopes says, “Hey! Take 5!
Drop your burdens and smell the air, you’re alive!”
But when wind hits raw shoulders
The pain is remembered.
So quickly!
Quickly to your memory
Carry the gods in comforting agony.

Human hands grow weary of carrying gods
And even among my people… we, just, tired!
I paid for the entire car!
Cause gods go far and take up much space!
But no sacrifice is out of place
When your Dol,
This new personal god
Was just
And I took her, to my sanctuary
Sit on the throne of my living home


I carried…
Must I feed them too?
I hear, flesh is delicate this time of year…

And the Hope of Hopes says, “Here’s novel idea, let me take you there.
Past the places you fear.”
But I’ve heard it all before.
When she
Used His
Took my hand and by her actions I was…

And the Hope of Hopes speaks
But who really hears?
‘cause our minds have gotten weak.
Sweat blinds the masses
No, not one sees that the Hope of Hope passes

The Burden of Dol
© Tracy J Hutchings

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