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B is for Poetry Prose an Jazz

So Saturday 18th, September [which by most of civilization is THIS SATURDAY], is the 5th Installment of Celebrating The Word which is an evening of Poetry Prose and Jazz, put on by The Arima Christian Writers Council and held in a church called Bethel. It's usually a very cool scene. We have writers - different ages, different backgrounds coming to speak about things that matter to them/affect them. From the deeply spiritual to the socially relevant, this event, this... celebration of the word brings together old school teachers, young weird professionals, teenage writers... et al... for just a few short hours to show another side of themselves, maybe even another side of Christianity. the feeling side. i say that because there is usually three general viewpoints on the Christian species - A). all dem know about is God (i.e. a discourse on anything else is altogether moot), B). dem does act like they cyah mash ants (i.e. they carry around a disposition that seem to project calm &/or confidence beyond the ken of mortal men iChuckle) or C). Florida Pastors. but the event is actually quite refreshing to witness.

you got Kwame Clark - an army dude, young, (married), chaplin and spoken word poet. one time he performed with his drum. exceptional!
then you got Kedar Phillips who once wrote about God as a Marshmellow. [u had to be there]
you got people like Eldeca Mbadugha and Sharon Clunis - both teachers, whose pieces are usually aimed at uplifting/restoring women. and then there's the possibility of Stephan James performing. dude....
and me :-)
and most of you have seen my blog and been on my page or... something.... so u know how i think.

i think what i like most about the event is the originality in some of the works. i like the thought processes. i' actually looking forward to this year's offering. nice little intimate crowd, a jazz band at the side [watch! Kevon LaFleur's jazz band is wondrous! they just rule!] and a promise of some good literature/performances for a few hours. why not. AND... it's free. believe that why don't ya. the event starts at 6:30 pm in a church called "Bethel World Outreach Ministries" in Arima. it's like right off the Bus route when heading into the borough. in any event there's a big sign that says BETHEL. you can't really miss it. Pax.


  1. Nice blogette....Tracey, Thanx for leaving me out of the line up.....Lord knows I don't need the publicity!
    Veronica Rogers


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