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B Is For Your Reality

Whether you are a die hard fan or a casual observer, many of us have wondered over the years exactly HOW DAFT IS Lois Lane? I mean come on, can't you see it's Superman under those glasses? And how about THAT for a corny disguise - i hear some say - glasses? i put on glasses and everyone knows it's Tracy... with glasses.

But the truth that many of us didn't realise (i say "many" because some would have gotten it off the bat; i say "us" cause i was one of them), is that it wasn't just a pair of horned rimmed or else otherwise nerdy eye wear. there was a whole demeanour that went into the Clark/Superman motif.

Clark's shoulders are crouched; his back maybe a little heaved; in every incarnation of him over the years, Clark has been the bumbling friend. A good reporter who is actually demure (yes i said demure) in comparison to Lois' brash go-get-it mentality; he's a gentle soul, who needs to be excused to go out for air (chuckles). He may be the same size and or height as Superman, but let's face it... Clark could never be. And of course, the glasses. And the voice. Listen to the almost crackling, "humble" tone of his voice.
Switch to the Man of Steel. Tall. Broad shoulders. Confident. Compassionate. The archetypal savior. In the 40's radio show, Superman said of himself "Superman steps aside for no one!".
There was/is a vast mental shift between the two characters, allowing BOTH realities to co-exist.

Moreover, even if say Lois was to see glimpses of HERO in Clark, his reality was so strong, that she brushed it off as fleeting. Clark = Superman? Hilarious...

This leads me to my questions for the hour:
Which reality are people seeing about you?
Is it a true representation of yourself?
And why do YOU CHOOSE this reality?
Clark had a reason. If people knew who he was "off duty" they'd be calling on him for every little act of randomness. What's your reason for hiding....
Thanks for your time. up UP AND AWAY

Pictures courtesy the internet and the super-groovy minds of Siegel and Shuster (creators) and Action Comics/DC Comics!


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