Friday, November 12, 2010

B is for Alice (and St. Clair)

when i wrote this...
i can't remember where i was when i wrote this. or much of the state of mind that i was in to be honest. but when i saw the short film "Alice Yard: A Work in Progress" i realised that while the thought was written for St. Clair, perhaps what i was really referring to was Alice Yard. maybe that's over reaching, but when i say "there's a safety in st. clair..." it's Alice Yard. 

Alice is a Sanctuary. It is a sacred ground. And Alice IS like Athens to me. I've seen thinkers come there to share their minds in a way that takes me back to that ideal. Athens. 

whatever Alice is, like the film says, she is definitely a work in progress. i'm glad to know she exists.
so i raise my mountain dew and say - HERE'S TO YOU ST. CLAIR for being what you are. and HERE'S TO YOU ALICE YARD for being who you are!

the film itself was created by darryn boodan and mariel brown and features some super groovy people. and dave. dave williams. click the picture - see the film:

there is a safety in st. clair not found any where else. here, the ink and the keypad are friends. argumentative at times but friends non the is here that one can be fashionable. 
here one can fashion a bull. here a boy with a tie and a jersey and a pendulum swinging from his neck can be at peace with the world he must dip in and out of. here labels are voided and replaced by one word - creative.

it's athens.
it's caprica city.
here we meet and discourse the nature of art, politics, religion, fashion. 
here we treat the sublime as another day and break down the finer points of the law every time we are called to the bar. 

st. clair for the artists and the artists for st. clair. where the shrine prostitutes and the yoga participant shows just how flexible they reaally are.
flowers are not picked, they are chosen.
words are not heard, they are pored over.
and the rest of the land looks on with lust and snickers - "dem".

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