Tuesday, November 2, 2010

B is for Money Inc.

Big business cares about false profits
And when the seers say invest in wisdom
They don’t hear them
Busy, busy
In the trafficking of human souls
More coin, less sense
The price of “being blessed”

Big business has no religion
But they’re pretty deep in their spirituality
Hear my cry
Hear my lie
Hear my deception
Lead us not into incarceration
And a bag of men say
Amen to them.

Big business was a spirit man
Then the fortune
Sang a different tune
And the spirit of man wrestled hard with god
Exchanging white robes for pin striped frauds
And the smile on their face grew so-sterile
And the tears that they shed grew croc-odile

And they toil against us
But we envy them
Cause what you can’t beat
You better join in.
Remind me again, what’s the going rate?
I need to buy in, before it’s too late.
Depreciate the masses
Now fill your glasses
With some choice whisky!
Let’s all get tipsy
On the backs of the serfs
On the back of the serfs

Jesus loves the precious children
But big business loves the dollar and yen
But more so the dollar
America’s high priest; The Caribbean’s savior
Stock watch
Tumble down or crumble down
Clock in for the master.
Big business has you
Tied to chains of paper.

[nothing more to say]

Maybe it’s hypocritical
And altogether typical
To condescend the physical
By acting uber-spiritual
And here’s the true reality
We all need money
We all need stability
We all need progress
We’d all like less stress
We all want progress
We all need big business

[now… I’m done]
Big Business.
Tracy j H
© 02:11:10

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