Tuesday, December 28, 2010

B is for Inn Keeper

sometimes, i like to see tales (Biblical or otherwise) from the P.O.V. of either a minor character or else from the imagined thoughts of a major one. Here's by take on Christmas, from the viewpoint of the Inn Keeper who had no room. Pax

Suffer the fool.
I should have followed my mind.
The still
Ringing in the back of my head
That softly
Charged me, “Save room”

That is no place to bear a child.
No place for the family of man.

They do not complain
All the worse
I should have listened to that
Ringing in my head
“Save room”

The sound of her labour will linger all my days.
They do not complain
I will take them some blankets.
Lord. Suffer the fool!

December 25, 2010
The Inn Keeper
Three Text Maximum
© tracy j h

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