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B is for Zaraket (the other planet)

When NASA said they had some news to share that would impact on the big questions of who, where and why are we here – and perhaps more importantly, if there’s life elsewhere – I was supremely excited. Of course knowing how hype is, I expected them to say “we found algae on the moon”. Still, even that would be big news!

This of course prompted one of my friends to proclaim that tomorrow God would be obsolete and a new era of common sense would arise because surely NASA would have found life or a semblance of such [paraphrasing]. I of course wanted to slap him over his head, not because he’s a non-theist primarily (my dear friend turned brother is a non-theist, we banter about the –as he puts it – the absurdity of Faith from time to time, so I know how to deal) but because this friend acts like an unsophisticated nihilist and he is not. But I digress.

If NASA comes out and says, “We found a speck of dust that proves a living planet is near by.” it would not pollute the God stream in any way, shape or fashion. On the contrary, it would just prove to theists everywhere how great their god is, who created “the heavens [plural] and the earth” for His ultimate purpose & pleasure. Psalms says, God made the leviathan “for fun”, to frolic in the waters (Psalm 104:26 read the full thing here)– what’s another planet? I call this planet ZARAKET by the way. More on ZARAKET later.

I believe the universe is like a campus – architecturally. At the end of the first floor of Building C, there’s a History class. On the second floor there’s another History class. Students in First Floor history don’t really know how things are fully operated on up there, nor should they. What matters is that they learn everything there is to know about/from THEIR HISTORY class/teacher. The Principal however knows all things in every floor because they have messengers [teachers] who report back to them. Now, it’s not to say, that the second floor HISTORY lesson is dramatically dissimilar to those on the first floor IT IS after all, the same campus.

Which leads us back to ZARAKET. In the beginning, ZARAKET was created. And that was a good thing. Of course that leads to two NEW thoughts: 1). The concept of sin is universal (chuckle) and 2). I highly doubt a God Son died over and over again for each derelict society – perhaps their grasp on knowledge is indeed much more advanced than we are and thus preempted that inevitability by their just living/actions. But, IF ZARAKET exists, know that God put her their to fulfill some plan that our 10% brain usage have yet to comprehend.

My slap worthy friend says, religion basically says, “We know; it was already there.”; while science pushes for answers [paraphrasing] and to some degree he’s right. Religion knows that “there is nothing new under the sun” or else “all this has happened before and all this will happen again”. I like to think that all this was plotted out before and as the earth phase draws to a close, we’re finally catching up. Whatever the case, any exciting discovery we find today or tomorrow or next week will only reinforce theistic belief (of which I proudly subscribe to) that God is Good.

Big up to the Harakneshed of Voluptus 01 on the planet ZARAKET!

Tracy j Hutchings


  1. Well said. Indeed God is Great & greater than we can fully comprehend.

    With all our technology & combined brain power, we still cannot figure out the secrets of the Universe in it's entirety.

    If the creation is such a wonderful mystery, how much more is the Creator?


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