Thursday, January 6, 2011

B is for Anger (What the world needs)

last night i had a blindingly obvious discovery.
what the world needs is not LOVE. it needs ANGER.

consider this: when one is "in love" or "loved" or surrounded by a feeling of "love", a Utopian sensibility
clouds one's senses. everything will be fine because you LOVE.

but when one is angry, it is as if a blindingly hot poker is sent through one's mind [i borrowed that from battlestar galactica... clearly] and suddenly [and without warning] you see things much more clearly.

you ask yourself:
1. what is going on here?
3. how can i change this?
4. what's the best course of action moving forward?
5. and so on [which usually leads to action]

so then i say to myself and you
maybe... MAYBE what the world needs is not LOVE but a righteous does of ANGER. i'm not even advocating rage but hey...

all you need is ANGER

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