Thursday, January 13, 2011

B is for Lyre [the devil is a...]

i wrote this last year. though the feeling has passed from me... 
oh hell, i thought about dumping it, i thought about re-editing but jeez.. it's gone. still what is left is this. so enjoy the devil... is a lyre. pax tracy j h

The devil is a lyre.

Feel good music.
Close your eyes and follow the pied piper.

The devil is a damn lyre.
On the count three, breathe deeply
Your soul’s in need of thee.

Wait a minute!
Forget the seconds
Your eye’s too big for your stomach
Full of lies.
Your stomach’s full of lies that he told ya.
Walk it off, walk it off foot soldier.

The devil is a lyre
Softly sweetly playing that depressing tune
The one we love while we lick these wounds

The devil is a lyre.
Eager fingers pull strings trying to find their voice over a tight beat.
Still got played.
Gold shining
Recently sprayed
Hides the rust and tetanus… from us.
So we play on. Players.
Instruments of destruction
Play on. Player
Faces die from malnutrition but don’t stop the music.
Still your nerves. Take a drink
Still more needs to be played
The truth is in the chords.
Oh God, the cords…
Too cold here.
A little music? By the fire?
The devil is a lyre

December 15th, 2010
© tracy j h

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