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B is for Delusionary

Recently I posted this status on faceboys – “if life does not suck, how else will you know you’re alive?” – the premise being that when good, REALLY GOOD things abound, mankind tends to think their lives are in Utopia. “Feels like Heaven” or “This MUST be Heaven” because things are flowing exactly the way they want it to.

Reminds me of the typical Theist response to bad things happening to good people – “If bad things didn’t happen, how would you know that God is good/God can work it out?”
I would remind them to look at Eden (pre-fruit drama) God was good and EVERYTHING…. EVERY THING was just fine. In fact the exact words the Bible uses are “And God saw that that it was good…” but it is amazing to me (actually, maybe not), the things we have to say to get by in our normal day to day trudging; to make sense of unmitigated crap in our lives.

Not that it isn’t warranted… this delusionary process. Can you imagine walking through a life where everybody accepts/comes to terms with the fact that their mortal existence sucks no ass? Think for a minute and you too would agree that pharmacology would make a mint. Why? Because Cymbalta can help. iChuckle

Think for a minute how depressing life would be if we all greeted each other with the truth about our lives:

Friend 01: Hey Paul how you doing these days?
Friend 02:I have no idea. My mind keeps playing tricks on me and I have a feeling
I’ve disappointed God so much He not hearing me anymore
Friend 01: And I can’t get a girl, nor can I get over my father being an idiot
Friend 02: I get the feeling I’m supposed to do something but all I end up doing is
crying every five minutes
Friend 01: For me it’s rage. Fits of rage. Add to which I’ve become something of a
beggar’s maid trying to make sense of my finances
Friend 02: Did I tell you that every one in the house is depressing?
Friend 01: Did I tell you that every time I plan something to increase my value,
things fall apart because of bills?
Friend 02: I put paper towels in my shoes when the rain falls to sap up the water
cause I can’t run into the store just yet. See you in church Sunday?
Friend 01: Sure thing. Well maybe, it depends on how much money I have left.
Friend 02: Well, I better get out of this rain before I get pneumonia
Friend 01: I’ have migraines…
[I am sure somewhere this exact line of thought exists]

Man! That’s depressing. And who has time for that crap? Enter option B – crap is happening to me to make me stronger; the universe is testing my resolve; my Lord wants me to trust more; life wants me to be India.Arie and enjoy the “little things” [cue iTunes]. iLOL

So again, if life does not suck, HOW ELSE will you know that you’re alive?
Let me get back to you on that one….

P.S: Yes, Delusionary is not a word. Well… it is now.


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