Thursday, February 17, 2011

B is for One Phone Call

End of last year i embarked on a new project to keep my mind occupied while i worked on my BIG DEAL PROJECT [that one... involves magic fruit trees... no really, it's actually good]. i called this project "Three Text Maximum" because that is all the message space my phone holds. truthfully, this is nothing new as i often write my pieces, my jingles, my copy, and even short stories on the phone [the joy of prepaid - why put credit when you can text work to yourself].

Three Text Maximum turned out to be a bit of a catharsis - end of year is usually viewed by me with joy and vehement loathing - and i'm glad i was able to push it all out. later on this year, you will see the fruits of that project. 

THIS PIECE however was is a heights case for me. i shall say this much - iMovie HD's sound effects give me wicked inspiration. i will also say that though this is rough [the random song attachment] i feel it carries the mood i want and as such, when the project is completed i have to get one of my ACTUAL singer friends to well sing it off. i have big plans for this project. Here now is the audio commentary - B is for One Phone Call....

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