Thursday, March 24, 2011

B are for Distractions

my world is crafted with layers upon layers of thinly sliced sheets of escapism.
of course, the truth is i can still see outside, even if it has become a lil.... fuzzy. filo dough. that's what it is, sheets of filo, covering my face.

i have things to do, things to get done. not for anybody but for me. half way through it. and that's it. so instead, to keep me from going completely over the loopy edge i created Half Dead Cadavers. a band i wanted to have from since 2001 or before. but what i do is for mere comic relief but still... it is in fact a darn distraction. a needed one i tell myself. what with the chaos i feel. at times i could channel it into good, but maybe i've been fooling myself. 

neighbours who make no sense, colleagues that need help [psychological], friends who aren't.... not to say that i don't have the trusted few. they rock. ... ... 

it's a distraction is what it is. the whole lot of things. the fake music. the real music, the every thing that is nothing. they are all distractions. layers of filo. B is for Filo. iChuckle.

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