Wednesday, March 16, 2011

B is for Mortal

Maybe it’s because every thing is depressing or else along that road but today it hurt me to realize how ridiculously finite and altogether limiting being mortal really is.

I was stumbling across words in my mind when I came across this phrase “I was there when history was being written”.

How lovely that phrase was. How eternal.
It dawns on me that all the angels, all the demons, most of the spirits… ALL OF THESE BEINGS have been watching humanity through every stage of progression or rather REGRESSION. There are beings out there who had a first class/front row seat to every social apocalypse, ever rise and fall of kingdom… every thing.

You know, you read about this kind of things in the comics. They’re called Watchers (or Observers if you watch FRINGE), people who observe history but do not intervene. Of course if you DO believe in the existence of angels and demons and spirits of all sorts, you know FULLY WELL that they do intervene because they have their assignments from above… or else below.

I suppose though what pisses me off is the immortality of these beings. There is someone out there who knows; whose knowledge not only extends mine but rather, the whole of humanity. Mortals. I felt like the concept sucked. Sure, we were "made in God’s image" * and sure we are a "little lower than the angels"** but we’re still… mortal. And I… was not there while history was being written. My life is a finite entity. I know nothing.

But I’m fine now. no really I am. I will write the piece. starting with “I was here when history was being written”… whatever.

Tracy j H
* Ref: Genesis 1:27
** Ref: Psalm 8:5

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