Saturday, March 12, 2011

B is for Practical Prayer

There was a time I believed in prayer. I remain Theist. But I wonder if I’m a hypocrite in my resolve or rather, lack thereof. Because as I look at someone I care deeply for (and I can tell you that group is populated by a mere few persons) I have to say… truthfully… “my prayers are not being answered.” This is not selfish prayer either. I have been asking that they find peace, that happiness be spread on their hearts [and face] like soft spread butter. And if it’s not to much to ask, some righteous retribution on their enemies. I want to see them happy. This is my prayer. My prayers… are NOT… answered.

This then has led me to the belief that I need to adopt a more practical approach.

Practical? Isn’t prayer… practical?

I can hear my Theist friends shout a resounding YES!
I can hear my Non-Theist friends shout a resounding NO!

Prayer moves mountains. But then apparently so does water. Just ask Japan who can surely attest to that right now.

What happened to prayer, Theists?
When did this become a useless ritual done in a building or something recorded in a book that feels so… powerless? This is the point where you tell me PRAYER is not powerless, it is the individual and/or their lack of faith. Fine, As your case study for the evening. I’ll tell you that:
• I am weak
• I have issues and
• When I get down on my knees – while I feel at peace or else sleepy – I’d rather not say anything cause I get angry by the day.
Fine. That’s me. Now YOU.

You, the Gate-Keepers of Paradise, tell me why prayer has become so impractical?
A man sees a man in need, instead of offering a tangible solution, he tells him: “I’ll pray for you.”
A woman tells a woman that her lover is a twat of some form, the woman’s response: “I’ll pray for you.”
A grad student needs a job, she is told by someone who can help her: “I’ll pray for you.”

An island is rocked with tsunamis and earthquakes… lives are lost… and everybody’s “prayers” are going up for them. How bout a disaster relief program? How bout all us Theist give a dollar for Japan?

I’m griping….

But what happened? What happened to the prayers I see/hear/read about in holy books and TV tele-serials? Where prayers go up and lions shut their face, the innocent is released from jails by angels, devotees pray [and pray] and God Himself intervenes?

I look at youtube, I listen to my friends and while I’d like to tell them “HEY! PRAYER WORKS! PRAYER IS PRACTICAL!”
1. I refuse to get emotional. Yes.. I am a hypocrite for thinking that I could break down Theism like a science. Which is funny – I want to resolve science & faith.
2. Is it? Practical Why aren’t we moving God’s hand anymore?
And I know it’s not a lie. It isn’t a fairy tale either. Prayer is [basically] positive energy. Positive energy released by a being with energy – a la humans bring about a change. Ok fine, my pseudo-psycho-science is fundamentally flawed and I’m too lazy to think it through right now.

But what about you all? Why can’t YOU make prayer practical anymore? What about “faith without works is dead” James 2:26

Non-Theists will never believe in a deity. God will always be a joke – that’s a given. But you who believe… where is the practical side of prayer?

You tell me. Is prayer practical?

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