Thursday, March 10, 2011

B is for Red Car Clarity

For as long as I chose to remember, I seem to have a knack for trading the spirits of my friends with my own. This is not as supernatural as it sounds or maybe it is; I don’t watch that tv show. But seriously folks, it’s something I’ve been noticing for a while and only tonight I truly see it.

A few years ago, one of my friends was angry, filled with rage. He would speak to me and I would pray and speak calmly and try to get him to see a different side of things. One time I got him to meditate to Buddha bar music. Well ok, maybe not meditate but close his eyes and deep breathe.

Over the course of time, he grew calmer and I grew angrier.

One time my Hindu friend and I were talking religion and philosophy. I became enraptured by the culture while he started looking into the Bible more.

Now, of course this could mean nothing. A simple coincidence of sorts. I suspect one can even say that that’s the price of close friendships – you rub off on each other. If so, I guess I can call my questioning of God and practically everything [which by the way, is not a bad thing eh] a reflection of my dear friend’s beliefs. And while I would say that I do have a better [if not greater] appreciation of science, is this just another cosmic joke in the making? Am I trading spirits with my own or – as the people say – drinking fever grass for other people’s fever?

Is it internal? In essence, are my questions, my anger [rage?], my contempt and my consternation the physical manifestation of what was lying just beneath the surface of my skin?

It’s like buying a red car, or rather, seeing your friend with a red car and suddenly you seem to see an influx of more and more red cars. The truth is, it’s not that, many people have decided to switch to red but perhaps your cognitive functions/ your synapses are now locked into place to associate red car with friend.

I remember being somewhat younger and hearing my mother complain about certain traits she saw in me. “You’ve picked that up from [so and so person]!”
And that would lead to a whole discourse on why I need to be my own person and a leader like how I was when I was little [my friend says he’s draconian… he doesn’t even know – hehehe]. But the truth from where I sat was simple. These were traits that were never fully realized or noticed, before and until the presence of a 3rd party. This was me that you now see!

So do we trade spirits?
Or are we all sleeper agents waiting for the right trigger; that… red car moment of clarity.

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