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B is for The Switch

They say there is no right or wrong but thinking makes it so; I think they’re wrong. but maybe, in a real sense, the chaos [internal/external] that we are seeing is merely the result of a universe trying to align itself right. Nothing further.

Imagine, a theist saying such things. be not ignorant, some may say, the devil is real and really behind the crap we notice in our world. Point. But I would rather use this article to ask the question, “Have we thought about balance?”

What makes a service going Theist who has been happily [or not so happily] trudging along, get up one morning and decide to switch lives with their non-theist counters?

What makes a person who has been “living the experience”, suddenly become world weary and seek out Faith?

Notice I said ‘service going’ not ‘church-going’ because the Church is a body of believers in Jesus the Christ, not a building or an organization of buildings. Notice also I said ‘Faith’ and not ‘Religion’ because faith brings us closer to God; religion gives us a superiority complex. Back to the story…

A friend of mine and I were chatting in the bank and I asked her if she’s going to any parties or such. Her response? Basically, she was too old for that – she’s in her mid twenties. Plus, the idea of shelling out excess amounts of money for limited performances and such was no longer her idea of a fun time. “I can’t eat $500 worth of food.” she quipped.

On the other side, a friend, a long standing Theist played Jouvert for the first time, a year or two ago. What causes the switch?

Is it merely a need to break free of strict religiosity and “join the world”?
Is it a matter of “well I had meh fun, so now is time for God?”
Granted that some people wait till death comes knocking or when it hits the fan to consider a God Concept –which could very well be hypocritical in my view. And I grant you that there are some Theists who will “look” for any excuse to run off, but perhaps the thing to do is acknowledge that in the universe we live in, nature by its very design NEEDS balance. Small fish eat plants. Big fish eat little fish. Humans eat big fish. The scale is evened out. Basic Sesame Street Science. Why shouldn’t it continue up the chain to humans and their spiritual and/or “moral” code?

How can a Theist stand proudly on his/her pedestal and shout, “This is wrong! This is wrong!” without the slightest idea or regard for the people who are claimed to be doing said wrong? Do you know the exhilaration of Jouvert? The wanton release of self among friends? Yet the criticism against the PEOPLE come, instead of trying to understand the WHY if any behind the action. So when the switch comes, when the balance tries to correct itself, it is usually met with fear and or disappointment. John has backsliden Shun, shun, shun. Now some will say, “Does that mean that because some one did drugs that Theists have to do drugs to understand what they went through? That’s the balance you want?” don’t be ridiculous. I am merely purporting a viewpoint that allows for understanding instead or rank consternation. My dear friend and I had a trade once. One year I got him a Bible; soon after he got me Origin of the Species [or as I will wrongfully call it – “Science Bible”]. The balance is now in effect. I will now have a deeper understanding of the… high father of evolution and his theories; he will have a deeper understanding of why Theists think the way we do. And by the way it was a good read.

“Nature only knows balance and imbalance…” – Walter Bishop/Fringe [tv show]
I fear both sides are imbalanced and thus the universe has to resort to the [feared] switch.



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