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B is for Alien Gear

IT’S OUT PEOPLE! Finally the Alien Gear clothing line is out and trust me when I say it LOOKS & FEELS good! And like that ad I hear on the radio, I too would tell everyone– “you should try it”. Alien gear is the brain child of Conrad Clarke – musician and well, designer – and let me tell you this has been a while coming. When I first heard that Conrad was coming out with the line I was super excited – but then I get excited at the drop of a hat. Then I actually SAW the tees and realized that my excitement was justified; for I had found something that I can wear no matter how my hair looked.

Now you may not understand, but because my barber doesn’t see me regularly and because my hair grows exponentially, I have to CONSTANTLY stand before my wardrobe in search of something that doesn’t make me look like I am a member of Al Chemist. You may laugh now… not I take public transport… every day…. trust. And also, as excited as I get by my friends ventures very few people will get me to even consider wearing what they have. I hate big logos and things that sparkle on my t-shirt. I do not need to see a gangstar dough boy or ghetto Ernie on my chest. I have a righteous pink tee from my friend Marlon Darbeau – artist, creative, thinker- and I am off to buy some Chinese Labourer shoes from the RMR Zazzle store. That’s about it. So the fact that I’m wearing ALIEN GEAR must mean that it is in fact worth it [it really is].

ALIEN GEAR TEES run for $100, is made from 100% cotton [the fabric of our lives], comes in sacred black and groovy white and are available in small medium and large; but I think most of us who appreciate the snug fit of your clothing against your body will appreciate medium very well. Though, large does not make you look you’re wearing a boat. I mean lack-of-gym on my part has given me a bit of a belly [which I blame my father for and not the horde of white flour I usually consume] and I STILL LOOK FLY. And when one has to go to poetry events or and such like, it works well. So there. Alien Gear. Tees on Sale NOW and stocks are in fact limited but I couldn’t let you all not know about it. Later on, I believe things like arm bands, jeans and other such grooviness will be available.

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Pax Yo!
Tracy j H 

 these pictures were shot with a Samsung Phone...
 if i has an iPHONE i'd have shot them on an iPHONE


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