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B is for The White Side

a few years ago, in another time (McCann) i asked my friends "what were you in a past life?":
the girl said she was a warrior
the boy said he was mata hari
and i [being me] said i was a blonde white girl to which came the reply "and you still are, clearly". I miss Rhonda.

a few months ago, while writing my project AFRICANT [©], i incorporated these lines from a friend, "Before I die right, I have to do something White/Like skydiving or bungi jumping… or something else.../Start a Business"

this morning i decided it was time to embrace my white side... fully. this revelation came to me some time after midnight as i looked at the artwork for a project i have under way. i'm always writing and plotting. but not for a while have i executed a project [imagine, i had the chance to read poetry over a popular reggae beat YEARS AGO by a well known producer... and i passed... like ah ass]. i hadn't published since 2004, i hadn't performed since 2008 [outside my comfort zone i should say, because i have written for an online mag and every year in church there's an evening of poetry prose and jazz and i'm on the organising committee].

now i have TWO personal projects under way; a comic book and a poetry comic [yes.... trust eh, that will be bess!] all happening at the same time. i sat up this morning... scared. what was i doing? why was i doing this? what about money? when i pay every body off, what happens next? will this work? i mean i seriously gchat a friend and said "i'm scared". it was real now.

this is ridiculous, i thought. white people don't know fear [lies]. 
white people backpack through foreign lands and... and quit their jobs to open... bakeries! white people DO THINGS. if only to say later "i did that. broke my ass doing it but hey!"

my black side knows endurance. he knows strength and how to challenge it
my asian side knows it is better to eat little, live long and build a big ass house
but i have repressed the adventurer that, for the sake of this piece i've dubbed the white side. 
to get up and go after "it" without or in spite of fear. to just do and do without consequence because you know your pimp hand is strong [sorry, i mean "because your cause is just"]. the hilarity is, i A: encourage everybody to get out there and B: i will go to almost the ends of the earth to help a friend make THEIR PROJECT worthwhile.

you know i started off this year with the knowledge that it's either we do or we die. not physical but death non the less. well alright... time to embrace the white side.

"let our powers combine"


  1. i choose to embrace the "white side" cause I'm tired of the man getting me down...ironic isn't it.

    and unless its a really nice cause i'm working towards... i remember this little story.

    A boss once took his employee to show him a mansion on a hill and said " see that mansion up there...its so lovely, if you work hard for, dedicate yourself, and be successful at what you do, one day that will be mine."

    Also as a small insight, i don't get jealous of persons more well off than myself, because at some point, their forefathers took it upon themselves to establish a legacy, whether buss ass to send kids to school, or begin a business, or even give kids the only thing they could, love and encouragement, instead of whippings, disgust and White pawr...what ever that may mean


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