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B is for Ascension (to machines)

Yesterday, my bored ass, filled with an overweening sense of arrogance decided – Forget this! I’m going to the office! Yesterday afternoon, I looked at by bedroom and wanted to collapse. This led me to a glorious new truth – I must find a way to transfer my consciousness to something more sturdy… like STEEL! Because flesh and bone, blood and organs are oft times… ASS! Let’s face it, we’re already machine operated, what’s the harm in going full hog?! I have in my corner enough brilliant people who can help me turn this into reality.

My friend asked me about the moral parallel of ascending to the machine and at first glance I didn’t see any. But as I pushed on, I realized that if/when we ascend to the machines, every thing that Sapiens hold dear will have to-must-to CHANGE in favor of a more advanced [hopefully] logic.

Let’s start with Religion – the truth in all religions is that the essence of man lingers on after the body is destroyed. Heaven and Hell is the end for all souls. Soul according to Mac Dictionary is either:
• the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal or
• a person's moral or emotional nature or sense of identity

if then (therefore?) the soul is a person’s emotional nature/sense of identity and I transferred that self, that consciousness to a machine (machine = immortality) then the construct of H&H must change. If that changes then everything else in Religion would slowly but surely also have to change. Unless you’re the Vatican who will no doubt say something like “Machines are part of the divine plan too”

What about Socioeconomics? Before we ascended to machines, we spent our days gathering resources in this primitive [Sapien] attempt at personal security and “betterment”. We slaved day in day out to tend to our basic human needs [food, shelter, clothing and BlackBerries]. This led to the widening chasm between those who could afford to and those who could not. Violence raged. Crimes wore on. People stole, murdered and desecrated in order to HAVE personal security. When we ascend to machines will this end? Or perhaps, the Sapien consciousness – prone to evil and ill-will – will merely use this new form to continue their misdeeds. You know, same crap different body.

Politics. Our need for politicians stem from a belief that THIS PERSON can do for us what we are unable to do [correctly] for ourselves. Better infrastructure, healthcare and … environmental laws are all based in a human need. But does a gleaming piece of steel need healthcare reform? Maybe yes. Maybe we’ll need to oil our parts every five years like an immunization shot, in which case the price of oil will rise. And I can see Ameribot invading Arabot lands to get their hands on that oil. So I guess I answered that – we may need politicians [bleh].

The list goes on in my head.
I had hoped the ascension to machine would change the outcome/outlook of the Sapien species [especially in terms of the ever sick] but I realize now that we’d just screw with that form [and world] as we screwed with this one. Speaking of screwed... reproduction… oh boy…



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