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B is for Gyro'd

Another late entry but still... timely. Pax.

There is a man. He sells Gyros. And while there are many men around Trinidad selling Gyros, this man am I interested in. I stopped (we stopped), past the horde of greasy stall owners with claims to halal burgers, to a stand lit by one bulb, with one man- Middle Eastern – trying to unravel a roll of foil that at the time was besting him. he stood up as the car approached. Heaven knows how long he was there. and he waits on us as I dilly and dally about the ratio of lamb to chicken gyros I wanted (I eventually settled on all four lamb gyros). One single stall. Everyone seemed to know where he was (MY MOM knew where he was) and they slowed their cars to get a gyro. The mixed ones seem to be all the rage.

I looked at him and felt something. Was it pity? Did I feel pity for this lonesome gyro dude? Nah, that’s not it. I felt something between appreciation and honor for this man. for while the masses gripe about getting up early he stays late doing what he’s doing… fulfill a dream…. Or else pay bills or whatever.

He explains the price of lamb and I remember stories of other Middle Eastern men walking in the hot sun selling fabric and… refrigerators or whatever. Today they have more than fabric and fridge stores. They have legacy. They have a NAME. Something that their ignorant grand & great grandchildren can destroy but at least there IS ONE.
And whether or not you subscribe to the Trini gossip about these people, the fact remains that they – like Gyro Man – had a plan and a purpose for their lives and THE WILL to execute it.* They learned to take night and make day. They know that to be a 'god' one must exercise your power. A power that many of us cover over with sheets and cause to be pot bellied and out of shape NOT for a lack of vision but exercise. My gyro dude knows who he is and what he wants and is willing to sit on a plastic chair under a small shed and sell to get it. do you know who you are.

Prove it. to yourself.
P.S.: That gyro was uber good!
*The training is nothing! The will is everything. Ra’s Al Ghul [as Henri Ducard]
Implementation speaks louder than words – Jaron Lanier [You are not a gadget]


  1. I completely agree. Trinidadians (most it seems), don't understand the value of hard work and take no pride in it.


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