Friday, July 22, 2011

B is for Maintenance

Something amazing happens when you become attracted to someone – your best self emerges. In the unlikely event you weren’t LIVING this best self before (or else you’ve tried to ignore it), suddenly (and without warning! – I like saying that), you have become the vision of the man or woman you could be.

Those of you who know me know how prone I am to make everything a god. This is not good for a MONOTHEIST. But when I say god [common g] I refer to a quality or series of qualities that causes all other humans to become spread apart like the Red Sea, leading you onward to this goal. I look at some of these girls in my life and I realize they carry a godish quality about them. Some are hiding it (And this makes me very, VERY annoyed) and others seem to know that it’s there… but have not become arrogant by it.

Of course being somewhat… priestly of some form and a hopeful romantic, it is possible that I am merely projecting an imperfect perfection on them. This is a hypothesis I am willing to accept as theory. BUT whatever the case, one thing is certain – when approaching these ‘gods’, ones best self must be recognized and honored.

But what about maintenance?

In advertising there’s a term called maintenance ads. After the campaign is launched with great flare and hoorah, maintenance ads appear (during the rest of the designated period) giving short bursts of information about the brand while keeping that central theme constant – in essence new ads with the same flare. This keeps the brand present and (hopefully) in a good light with the consumer; the very ones we so desperately tried to connect with.

Now I am not without fault but i think the difference between me and most humans is that I am NOT human. I am mortal (more on that in another post). I don’t think I will take for granted she (whoever that is) who sits in my heart. Though even now I am proved a hypocrite as I have on occasion taken my mom or even God on High for granted. But surely, this could be different... were I to pursue the earth gods. See because, this is me: half mad, half groovy sometimes holy or maybe not. I can speak in these tones because I believe in these tones as much as I believe in wrapping my head in a scarf and singing “I whip my hair back and forth”. I believe in me I guess, so the maintenance part should be fine (with a bit of work of course 'cause all things are a measure of work).

But what about the rest of us in this earth realm? Can you maintain it? Having wooed (do people still say, “wooed”? grief) them, having played to your best self can you keep it up or will it be a long show that only appears for a week during certain occasions.
Hurry! Tickets are going fast…


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