Tuesday, July 5, 2011

B is for Writers Blocked

Everyone has his or her writing style. Mine can be described as clinically obtuse or “deep”, which is like “interesting” to the uninitiated.
“That’s interesting”, usually means:
A). “I never thought about it like so” OR
B). Like bad coitus, you are forced to ask – what the hell?

I was going to speak about the hilarity of writers who critique by their own reflection (don’t we all, I ask). Instead, as I stare into scripts that need writing… and projects that require closure, I’ve opted instead to speak about the [non?] value of a writer:
Writers are important to the process. Thank You.
Everyone is a writer these days. Just read “my life in porn – the autobiography” to find out. Though, from a critic’s POV there may be a lot of back and forth plotlines in that story. Seriously though, spend a year in advertising and all the illusions (allusions) you have about writing will cease.

I think they should teach that in schools.
“Okay class, remember, “i” before “e” unless dealing with a c (client)”.
Writing is hard but outsiders make it so easy. And I’m not speaking about the great Caribbean novel (what IS Caribbean anyways?), no I mean just the everyday assignment where you must be psychologist, humorist, lecturer and motivator in a world who’d rather fawn over pictures of kittens than read a book.

My artist friend – let’s call him Cybil – has very clearly stated to me that he has stopped reading. A travesty of course but hey… he’s an artist. I believe the world is more liable to let slide the artist than the writer so what DOES it matter? (add a comma and the tone changes, observe: “what, does it matter?)

“Art is subjective.” – the disclaimer used by those who know not the form nor angle of the pen. And for those who DO KNOW, it is merely “the artist’s representation”. There seems to be a clear understanding. You don’t do art do shut up. But since everyone is a writer or else qualified to be one, all speak of a writer’s process. And then there is the compromise. To reach the audience, one must BE the audience. The logic? Writers live in their heads. Of course the public lives in their penises but that aside, do bring yourself down to a “level” because elevation is out of the question.

In the end perhaps art and other disciplines are for non-conformists while writing is for those with no other communicable skill. Excuse me, my nine scripts, one campaign and those pesky edits needs my attention.

Writing is a hobby till you make some money then it is a commercial enterprise.

*my life in porn – the autobiography was meant to be a fictitious book until I googled it. jeez people, really?


  1. "the public lives in their penises"

  2. all about the Bobby Blake story!

  3. yes! quite hilarious and thoroughly unexpected. i didn't think it was real until google showed me the way [iChuckle]. Ah yes...