Sunday, August 21, 2011

B is for Clarity (a moment of)

DON'T PANIC - [said in large, friendly letters] hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy

i may even say - "God is Love. Relax"
now then, about this limited state of emergency. at first i chuckled, i honestly felt "at last. a reason to wear my guy fawkes mask" but then the gravity of the situation hit me... i have no guy fawkes mask. sigh.

then came a moment of panic. see i was alive for 1990 and while this is not that particularly, the idea of it just sent me to shivers. but then i realised, that unlike the rest of us -these people are just cartoons (get high, get stupid, get the idea?). 

i have friends & family in various parts of the island. when i wake up and hear SEVEN PEOPLE GUNNED DOWN, i have to look. i scan through the names in hope that it is not them. all life is precious, don't misinterpret me. but these people make up my world... annoying as some of them are. so i will say this: if it helps so that i don't have to wonder if my friends got caught in a cross fire. if it helps that when the phone rings, i don't have to hear an innocent that i know got licked down... go for it.  it's unexpected, it's a lil "bizarre" but while we theorise the intricacies of the constitution, some rich fool just paid a poor fool to shut up/shoot up some unsuspecting fool. enough. let it be as it should be. as harvey dent said, "the night is always darkest before the dawn. the dawn is coming". Don't Panic.

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