Saturday, August 13, 2011

B is for Hypotheses (on a lunch run)

emailed to a friend some time ago:

"my head hurts and so do my eyes. for a minute i felt nauseous. so i went out into the world to buy food.

i'm in the car on the way back and i get this word "wholly trinity". it's how it works most times. i get a word first. it circles like a small plane or else some kind of bird looking for a safe place to land. i thought about it "wholly trinity". we know that the trinity concept usually refers to a divine reference. In Christianity, The Godhead. we also know that the concept is not new to various other old religions. but to be wholly trinity - though grammatically it could be wholly triune - means that [if you believe in such things] your body, mind and spirit [these 3] are in order... are whole. complete. you ARE wholly trinity. hmm...

the car drops me at the corner and i'm walking to the complex and i start to think of the words, "get behind me!" now in Christianity, we know of the story of Jesus, having been baptised himself, goes/is led into the wilderness where he fasts for 40 days. after all of that, man tired and hungry, enter satan with his tempting. in the end, Jesus says "get thee behind me!" or basically - leave me alone! in response to temptation/comess/stress/interference, you will hear a Christian say "get thee behind me!" but it registers that there is a SECOND TONE/MEANING to that.

Get Thee Behind Me - could also mean "stand behind me. i'll protect you!" consider a knight facing down a dragon; he places the villagers or else the princess just behind him because HE can take it [whatever it is] so... "get behind me!". not that Jesus was telling the devil "i'll protect you" but i started to think how people "protect" their devils. it's why domestic violence is what it is, it's why we stay in horrid relationships/jobs/situations - because we put on this brave face that we can take whatever is dished out and so we say "get thee behind me" - as in protection instead of "leave me the hell alone!".

a new thought. a new perspective on the word. mind stretched. hypothesis now created and maybe even a piece to write [re: wholly trinity]. all this i thought as i walked down the road listening to pink elephant dubstep and superman animated theme with food in hand.
but the one thing i realised, the reason i'm sharing this with you is this: i understand why some people prefer to live in a content/comfortable, seemingly ignorant place - because the minute you open your self to knowledge... the minute you see things a little wider or differently... the minute your head hurts all the more. who wants that headache? a little knowledge or a lot of knowledge, a little reasoning in your head, a fresh hypothesis on an old thing... great! my head hurts.
i understand Ayo. i understand.

[i think i may blog about it]
tracy j h

he responds: "yes you should blog about this."

next week starts a fresh project: The Hutchings Hypothesis. Cringe Puny Humans

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