Saturday, August 6, 2011

B is for Music

Freemasons admit: Soca too stupid to infiltrate

I went into the dvd club looking for something to satisfy my weekend urges and walked out with IRON MAN 2 and Eat Pray Love. But before leaving, my all seeing eye glanced upon a dvd speaking about a certain hip hop mogul who is actually a mason. It is hilarious to me that all at once every black artiste IS IN FACT a freemason but I suspect turn about is fair play. After all, every one knows that white people music has been the product of the devil for years. But the more I thought about it, the more a true and undeniable fact became clearer and clearer to my consciousness…. I have not now nor have I ever heard about ANY freemason soca stars. This stark and blatant bias by the powers-that-be-hidden is an insult to the Trinidadian Collective who no doubt can be an asset to any organisation or government ment ment ment with the right amount of clout. We have agendas too you know. To get to the heart of this bias, I called up Frank Amadeus [not actual name], a prominent mason to explain the bastardry behind the masonry.

F.A: “ah driving.”
BIFS: “yes that’s all well and good, but hear nah, how come there are no freemasons in soca?”
F.A: “hoss, soca just too stupid to try and infiltrate. laters”

And there you have it. I am outraged, Frank. I’ll have you know that the pulsating beats of the same theme played for ten years is EXACTLY what the masons need in the Caribbean.

Ringing back
F.A: eh?
BIFS: “But we could be dark. Just go to pop rock and you’ll see how dark this music
industry really is.”
F.A.: “It’s not about light or dark”
BIFS: “What’s that supposed to mean?”
F.A: “exactly”

Today for you Frank Amadeus. Tomorrow for we cultcha!

* i don't know any masons. please don't hurt me*

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