Tuesday, August 9, 2011

B is for Stupid Species

[just a thought i had on Saturday. and then i saw the riots and thought... hmmm... humans]

The planet was passed over in search of something …. Less fertile but also less futile.
The feedback from their collective "intelligence" was stinging.
Turn it down. turn it down!
Too much! Too much squawking! Too much…. Nothing.

Too much fear wears them out
Too much closeted mental space in the place
Too much blind cliff jumpers and hurried grave divers
Too much fear to follow
To much prejudice to swallow
And pride?
Talking about pride
They had none.
If they did – the explorers thought – they would have seen us a long time ago.
They would have seen themselves a long time ago
They would’ve….but they didn’t
And so the planet was passed over.
Because the natives were all too busy trying to act... [kosher]
But really
What they were doing
Was wearing silk blindfolds and cotton earplugs
While all along intelligence screamed
Tied to a concrete barrier 

© Tracy j H
August 6th, 2011

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